Light Tower Rentals

Light towers are portable utilities that can be set up on a construction site. Towers provide visibility when it is dark outside. The lighting allows construction workers to perform their jobs, plus keeps workers safe and heavy construction equipment in view of motorists who drive through a construction zone.

Tower Rentals

Light towers include fixed and adjustable models. A tower may contain a leg stand that will need to be assembled at the place where a light will be used. A more deluxe lighting style may feature a wheelbase. This type of lighting can be moved about the area where a construction job is taking place. Rental lights may include LED bulbs or standardized metal halide bulbs. Metal halide products contain a mix of metal and halogen materials.

Rental equipment that utilizes LED technology will turn on quickly and provide a strong beam of light. A metal halide bulb will reach its full lighting potential within a few minutes after being turned on. Light towers are often sought during the fall and winter. This is due to the daylight hours during these seasons being shorter than at other times of the year. Some construction companies, however, may benefit by renting light towers throughout each season of the year.

If jobs are going to be performed late at night on a frequent basis, it is a good idea to have access to adequate lighting. A lighting provider may offer a simple contract, which will outline how long products will be in the possession of a customer. A customer may be responsible for transporting light equipment. If lights become damaged, it may be up to the lessee to pay damage costs.

Power And Fuel Variables

A light tower rental may or may not come equipped with a generator. A rental that is electrically operated will be the responsibility of a customer to power up. A light tower that utilizes a fuel source will require the use of a generator. If a generator is not included with the cost of a rental, a consumer will need to use their own personal generator or will need to purchase one.

A fuel tank may also be needed. If a construction project is going to take a long time to complete, having access to plenty of fuel will prevent interruptions in the lighting plan that a construction project manager has implemented. All of the equipment that is being used to light up a project area should be stored indoors when it is not being used. 

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