Crane Rentals: Wire Rope Inspection And Obvious Signs That The Wires Need To Be Replaced

Although crane rental companies are responsible for providing periodic maintenance services, it is the renter's responsibility to inspect the cranes before every shift to ensure that all components are in working condition. As outlined in Regulation Standard 1926.1413(a)(1) by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the renting company must have a competent person inspect the equipment before and after each shift. The condition of the wire ropes is of particular concern, and should be inspected while running and standing.

5 Accidents That Prove The Importance Of Crane Safety

Crane safety is extremely important. Cranes are so large, they are very dangerous if not operated properly. Even with proper safety organizations and training, deadly accidents happen all the time. These major crane accidents that have happened around the United States will help you understand how quickly an accident can happened on site. Bellevue, Washington In November of 2006, a 210-foot crane was constructing a giant tower in Bellevue, Washington. At 7:45pm, the crane toppled over and fell across a major thoroughfare and destroyed three different buildings its wake.