What Everyone Should Know Before Their First Crane Rental

Do you have a project you are planning that will require the use of a crane? These large pieces of equipment are used in a variety of projects that involve heavy equipment and lifting. Crane operation can be dangerous.

Cranes are also an expensive investment. This is why many companies who need to utilize them in their operations opt for crane rentals. Perhaps you are new in your industry or position. This means that one error could delay your project plans and negatively impact your ability to meet deadlines. There are also safety and legal compliance issues. The following points are things you need to consider prior to your crane rental.


Your project will likely be governed by local laws since it involves the use of a crane. Do not assume that one permit will cover all of the things that your project will require. Ensure that you have documentation of all permit-related information. Choosing a crane rental company can alleviate some of the permit filing stress and confusion. The staff at these companies will likely know what permits need to get filed. Some of them may file the permits on your behalf. 

Equipment Safety

Cranes can wreak havoc on worksites if they are not in good condition. To ensure safety, cranes need to undergo stringent inspections and mandatory maintenance. You can inquire with crane rental companies of interest about their inspection and maintenance policies. Compliant companies will generally provide proof of service records. You will also likely be able to ddetermine the inspection dates by observing and reading dates on stickers affixed to your crane rental. 

Operator Considerations

Even if you have someone on your staff who has years of experience using various types of heavy equipment, you need to ensure that they can legally operate a crane. Crane operators are required to have valid licenses to operate cranes. This is another area where a crane rental company may be beneficial. Some companies have licensed crane operators on their staff. Others may have a list of licensed crane operators for you to contact regarding your project. 

A heavy construction equipment rental company is a good resource to use to understand more about crane rentals. They can help you to determine the correct-sized crane to meet your project demands. These companies can also determine whether their service options are a good fit for your project. This is something to determine as soon as possible. Having a crane that is too big could result in energy losses. Cranes that are too small could make your worksite more accident-prone. It could also cause productivity issues.

For further questions you may have concerning crane rentals, consider reaching out to a professional company like Bogner  Construction Co.