Are Post Tension Slabs Right For Your Home?

Concrete slabs have been traditionally used to build the foundation of a home. In recent years, builders have turned to post tension slab. If you are involved in the construction of your home, knowing the ins and outs of post tension slabs are important. You can use the information to decide whether a more traditional slab or the post tension slab is right for your home:

Why Use a Post Tension Slab?

Concrete slabs are considered strong materials when it comes to building the foundation of a home. However, the slabs are not resistant to breakdown. As the slabs breakdown, the foundation starts to crack and repairs are needed to prevent damage to the home.

With a post tension slab, concrete is still used, but the slab goes through a process that is known as pre-stressing. The result is a slab that is far more resistant to breaking down and is highly durable. Despite the additional processing, the post tension slab is the more cost effective option when it comes to the foundation.

Post tension slabs also give your builder more flexibility in his or her design of your home. The slabs can be easily contoured to fit complex designs, which means your builder will not be limited in what he or she wants to accomplish with your home.

During the pre-stressing process, the concrete is thinned out, which means that there are far fewer materials being used. The savings in the material is not only good for your budget but also good for the environment.

Are There Disadvantages?

Although there are several benefits to using post tension slabs, there are some disadvantages. For instance, pre-stressing the concrete slabs requires someone with the training to do it. Not all builders and suppliers have this capability, which means you might have to search outside of your area to get the slabs needed.

In addition to this, there is a potential for corrosion. The wires that are inside the slab can sometimes corrode when they are exposed to moisture. However, this problem is easily overcome by using an expert to craft the slabs and opting for high-quality products.

Ultimately, whether post tension slabs are right for your project is a decision best made by you and your builder. However, it is important that you fully explore the options for the post tension slabs with a supplier before making your final decision on your foundation. 

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