Going To Dig The Hole For Your In-Ground Pool Yourself? Heavy Construction Equipment You Will Need

A fiberglass drop-in, in-ground pool is a fairly quick way to get a pool in your yard. However, you may want to save a little money on the construction by digging the hole in the ground yourself. Thankfully, most of the heavy duty construction equipment you will need you can get from an equipment rental store. Here are some options for excavating your yard prior to the insertion of the pool.

Trench Cutters

Trench cutters are typically used for trenches, but in this instance it is an excellent option for starting the excavation process. The trench cutters can cut the outline of the pool and mark where the pool is going to go. You can then dig wider trenches inward along the outline. After using trench cutters, when you use a mini-backhoe you will not accidentally dig up part of the yard that will not be part of the pool hole.


Backhoes of the usual size are far too large to maneuver into a yard and too big to manipulate when attempting to dig up a small space. Instead, rent a mini-backhoe, which is about a third to a half of the size of a full-sized backhoe. These are much easier to drive, control, and manipulate in a small space. They can dig up the soil in the area you want to excavate, and your mini-frontloader can move the soil out of the way.


A lot of farmers own and use mini-frontloaders on their farms, but you can rent one from the equipment rental store. These little but mighty machines can help move a lot of dirt out of the way--dirt that your mini-backhoe excavates and piles around. Consider renting a pickup truck while you are at it so that you can move the dirt into the truck bed with the frontloader. Then you can take the dirt and dump it at an appropriate site predesignated by your city/county.

Large Pickup Truck

Moving and equipment rental companies frequently offer pickup trucks. One of these trucks can help remove a lot of dirt from your property what would otherwise block off areas of your property and make it difficult to complete your excavation project. Additionally, by renting a pickup truck from one of the same places where you rent your excavation equipment, you can easily hook the towing trailers of said equipment to the back of your rental truck. 

If you're looking to rent equipment, contact a local company like El Camino Rental to get the tools you need and begin your project today!