Construction Trailer Features For The Long-Haul Teams

Sometimes, a project is more than just a quick drive between the hotel and the work site. If getting to the construction area is a daily challenge and you want to cut down on reasons to leave the field, you'll need trailer amenities that can handle a bit more than a box with a few windows. Here are a few features to install, along with trailer concepts that would make installation a lot easier.

Restroom Trailer Options

If the project is going to last longer than a few weeks and smaller portable toilets aren't enough, make sure to get a restroom trailer instead. A trailer unit can feature more comfort and healthier options than the old blue water bucket in a box.

The main concern is not the toilet, but the faucets and surfaces that can make sanitation and first aid easier. A hand-washing station that isn't exposed to the elements can make dressing wounds easier, and you can lay out different sanitation and repair products on a clean surface.

That's assuming the trailer is kept clean.

Portable toilets are harder to clean without a dedicated crew that can get into the hard-to-reach spots after hours, but restroom trailers have a lot more room for accurate cleaning. The restroom trailer can also act as a storage space for cleaning gear to make sanitation easier, especially if you want to keep some of the cleaning responsibilities in the hands of employees.

Wireless Access And Comms Management

Do you need to provide wifi to the work site? Is work a lot easier when you can send a picture to and from different areas without relying on local cellular coverage? Have you figured out that perfect balance of keeping workers out of trouble during off-time without wasting too many working hours on their smartphones?

Getting wireless access is as simple as installing a standard combo router (a router, switch, and wireless access radio in one), but the signal won't be perfect. Every router has a different range depending on the type of antenna and internal power options, but you won't get much beyond 150 feet on most devices before rampant disconnects and slowdowns caused by errors happen.

When you select a trailer as either the main office, restroom, or even a specific communications (comms) trailer, be sure to choose a trailer that has mounting points near the top corners. The material is also important, so be sure to ask about the type of walls used and whether a specific trailer would block signals.

The best setup would be to install antennas and access points outside of the trailer with computers and routers indoors, so a ledge that can protect from the weather without blocking the antenna would be helpful.

Contact a construction trailer and general field shelter professional to discuss your options and advanced features.