Problems With Reduced Power Wattage In Your Home? Some Things It Could Be

If you have noticed that you have reduced power wattage, such as in your microwave, toaster, lights, stove, and more, then you have some kind of electrical problem. Below are two problems that could be causing this so you can get it taken care of.

Circuit Breakers and Outlets

The problem could be something simple as one or more circuit breakers are going bad. You should hire an electrician to come to your home and test them for you. They will remove the breakers and inspect them visually for any damage, such as swelling, deterioration, etc. They will also examine the wiring to ensure there is no wiring that looks deteriorated burned, or loose. Because you are having reduced power wattage throughout your home more than one breaker will have a problem.

The electrician will likely check the outlets in your home using a multimeter to ensure they are receiving enough power. More than one outlet can have problems at the same time. If this is the case, they can simply replace the outlets and your problem will be fixed.

If the electrician finds that your breakers and electrical panel are old, they will likely suggest that you replace all breakers and wiring. This will ensure the problem is taken care of and you will not have to worry about it coming back again.

Pole Mounted Transformer

If the electrician cannot find anything wrong inside your home then the problem is outside. For this, you will need to contact your local power company. They will look on the pole mounted transformer for any problems. In some cases, wiring here can become loose or the wiring can burn out. In a case like this, the electrical company will be in charge of repairing the problem and you will not be charged anything.

The pole mounted transformers provide your home with all electrical voltage so if there is a problem here you will have problems throughout your entire home. The wires run from a utility pole and then underground an electrical meter located outside your home.

The electric company can explain to you how the pole mounted transformer works if you would like more details.

It is important that you take care of your electrical problems quickly. This is because some electrical problems can cause a fire very easily and the fire would likely start very fast. This is not only dangerous for you and your family, but you could lose your entire home.