Keeping Your Employees Safe: Tips For Creating A Safe Work Environment When Pedestrians And Forklifts Are Being Used

When you are running a construction site, it's important to keep all of your employees safe while on the job. When you have pedestrians working alongside forklifts, you will need to set up specific parameters to allow both to work closely together without coming into dangerous contact. Your forklift drivers will need to be trained in the safety surrounding pedestrians in the workplace, and your walking staff will need to take certain precautions to avoid serious injury from a forklift accident. When everyone is informed of the safety procedures in place, you will have a better working environment for everyone that you employ.

Safety Tips for Employers Using Forklifts in the Work Place

As the employer, it is your duty to keep everyone working for you safe. People should not be walking anywhere forklifts are moving, as this can cause accidents very quickly. Designate certain paths for pedestrians to use, and separate an area for forklifts to travel in. If the forklift is currently being used, you will want to make sure that no one is in the near vicinity until the work is completed. In addition, the work area should be well lit and free of any obvious hazards. The forklift should also not be carrying a load that blocks the vision of the driver, just in case an employee has walked into the work area unknowingly.

Standard Safety Procedures for Forklift Drivers

As a forklift driver, you should be trained in all matters of safety when using this large piece of machinery. When you are using a forklift in an area with potential pedestrians, always keep the speed of the forklift as low as possible. Be on the lookout for unexpected traffic, and at any crossroads, make sure to use your forklift horn to warn others that you are nearby. Be vigilant while driving a forklift, and if you find yourself getting tired, it's time to take a short break.

For Pedestrians Working Around Forklifts

As a pedestrian working around forklifts, you are at the most risk for getting hurt on the job. Pay attention to any walking paths designed only for pedestrians. When you arrive in an area where a forklift driver is working, making eye contact with the driver will ensure that they know you are there and that both of you need to be cautious of one another.

To avoid serious accidents in the work place involving a forklift, practice safety procedures for everyone involved.