5 Accidents That Prove The Importance Of Crane Safety

Crane safety is extremely important. Cranes are so large, they are very dangerous if not operated properly. Even with proper safety organizations and training, deadly accidents happen all the time. These major crane accidents that have happened around the United States will help you understand how quickly an accident can happened on site.

Bellevue, Washington

In November of 2006, a 210-foot crane was constructing a giant tower in Bellevue, Washington. At 7:45pm, the crane toppled over and fell across a major thoroughfare and destroyed three different buildings its wake. One of the buildings was an apartment building, and a resident was killed in the tragic accident. Several apartment buildings, restaurants, and other buildings were evacuated after the accident. Firefighters had to use a ladder to rescue the crane operator. After the fall, the control cab was almost 30 feet in the air. The Seattle/Bellevue area was averaging one severe crane accident per year, with 12 accidents in 12 years. The crash in Bellevue made 13.

Tequesta, Florida

In August of 2013, crane was in the neighborhood of Golf Club Circle in Tequesta, Florida, replacing a residential air conditioning unit. While lowering the air conditioner in to place, the crane operator lost control and the crane topped over onto a home. The control cab was seen hanging in the air by the neighbors, and their neighbor's roof crushed by the giant piece of equipment. A larger crane had to come in to restore the smaller crane. Luckily no one was injured in the accident. However, Golf Club Circle will surely never forget it.

Manhattan, New York

In March of 2008, a massive crane was working on a high rise in the upper-east side of Manhattan, New York. During the construction, the crane collapsed and crushed a town house. It also cut an apartment building in half on its way down. The accident caused 13 injuries and four deaths. The collapse of the crane led to several personal injury lawsuits by injured parties, along with many wrongful death lawsuits filed by family members of the deceased.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A crane nicknamed "Big Blue" was the tallest crane in the entire world. It was working on Miller Park Stadium in 1999 when it collapsed and killed three workers. The crane was carrying a 450 ton load and could not operate properly with the 30 mile per hour winds. The three deceased workers were all married. Two of the workers each had three children as well. Five other workers were injured in the accident as well, but they all made a full recovery.

Miami, Florida

While New York was dealing with their incident in 2008, Miami had one as well. A 20-foot extension of a crane fell while it was 30 feet in the air. It crashed through a two-story residence—the same residence that was used for the film, "There's Something About Mary." The accident took the lives of two people. One was a worker on the property, the other was someone inside of the home that the crane fell on. Several other workers were injured in the accident.

Cranes are dangerous pieces of equipment. If they are not properly maintained and operated by licensed professionals, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. As you can see, construction cranes have caused many injuries and deaths around the United States. In 2006 alone, 72 crane accidents resulted in fatalities. Crane safety isn't only important for construction workers. If you live, work, or find yourself in the city often, you most likely spend time near an active crane. Stay alert and keep your distance as much as possible. For more information, contact a company like Wazee Crane.